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A hotspot is an area in a document that can perform some action when the mouse cursor is moved into that area. The Asset Management Module can create graphical hotspots where blocks that represent plant equipment have been inserted in AutoCAD drawings. The blocks must contain an attribute that represents the equipment's physical tag. These hotspots can be shown in the PowerUser viewer window and users can click them to navigate to the vault objects that represented the equipment.

Before you begin

The AutoCAD blocks for which you want to create hotspots must be configured correctly in the Asset Management Module settings of the vault by a system administrator as described in the BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module Administrator's Guide.

Note    Viewing hotspots requires that AutoVue 2D Professional be the active viewer for the selected document.

To update drawing tag hotspots:

  1. Select the document in PowerUser that contains the drawing tags for which you want to update the hotspots. For information on finding documents, see the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise User’s Guide.
  2. Display the drawing tags as described in Viewing drawing tags.
  3. Click Update Hotspots.
  4. Click Close.

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