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If you want to link drawings to objects in the vault that represent equipment tags in the drawings, the objects must exist first. Depending on its configuration, the Asset Management Module might create objects automatically from data in your maintenance management system. If not, you will need to create them manually. The Asset Management Module makes this relatively easy by using the information that is stored in the drawing tags.

To create vault objects from drawing tags:

  1. Select the document in PowerUser that contains the drawing tags for which you want to create vault objects. For information on finding documents, see the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise User’s Guide.
  2. Display the drawing tags as described in Viewing drawing tags.
  3. Select the rows that contains the tags for which you want to create vault objects.

Tip    To select multiple rows:

  1. Click New Object. If the vault object type is configured to show a property wizard for new objects, the wizard  appears for the first new object to be created.
  2. Select or type the appropriate values in the property wizard. If you selected multiple rows and you want the values to be applied to all of the new objects, select Skip this wizard for all other objects of this type.
  3. If present, click Next and complete the remaining pages of the wizard.
  4. When you are finished entering values on the last page of the wizard, click Finish. A new object is created using the property values that you typed in the wizard. The name of the new object appears in the Object column and the checkbox in the Ref column is selected to indicate that a link (Meridian Enterprise reference) has been created between the object and the current drawing. The Status value of the drawing tag displays OK.

If you selected Skip this wizard for all other objects of this type, new objects are created for each of the selected rows using identical property values that you typed in the wizard. If not, the wizard reappears for each new object so that you can type values for that object.

No further action is necessary to link the objects to the current drawing.

  1. When you are finished creating new objects, click Close.

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