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Adding documents to the print list

Adding a document to the Asset Management Module print list temporarily saves the document’s name so that it can be printed together with other documents in a batch, such as to accompany a work order.

Note    The Add to Print List icon is similar to, but different from, the Print List icon . Be sure that you click the correct icon, depending on the action that you want to perform.

To add a document to the print list:

  1. On the Linked Documents page, view the document that you want to add to the print list. The document’s Document property page appears and the current revision of the document is shown in the viewer window.
  2. Click the Add to Print List icon to the right of the document’s thumbnail image. The Meridian Print List dialog appears and adds the current document’s name to the list of documents already on the print list.
  3. Click OK to close the Meridian Print List dialog.

For information on viewing, clearing, and printing the print list, see Working with the print list.

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