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Using hotspots

You can click hotspots in the viewer window to navigate quickly to related documents or objects or to show related text. Hotspots may exist for the DWG, DGN, TIFF, and PDF file formats.

Hotspots can be created manually as described in Creating and editing hotspots.

Before you begin

Viewing hotspots requires that AutoVue 2D Professional be the active viewer for the current document and that the hotspots are visible. For information on configuring the BlueCielo viewer for different file formats, see Changing viewers.

To use drawing tag hotspots:

  1. In the Meridian Enterprise viewer window, click the Hide/Show Hotspots toolbutton . A blue rectangle appears for each hotspot. To hide the hotspots, click Hide/Show Hotspots again.

Tip    If the document contains a lot of blue entities that making distinguishing the hotspots difficult, you might want to turn off display of some blue colored layers as described in Using the Layers tool .

  1. To navigate to a linked object or display related text, click anywhere within the hotspot.

If the hotspot is linked to related text, the text is shown but the current document remains open in the viewer window.

If the hotspot is linked to a document or object, it is opened in the viewer window.

If so configured by a system administrator, a Select Destination dialog will appear showing the linked object and the other vault objects that it references.

  1. Select a destination object and click OK.

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