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You create hotspots in the viewer window to navigate quickly to related documents or objects or to show related text.

Before you begin

Creating and editing hotspots requires that one of the AutoVue viewers be the active viewer for the selected document. For information on configuring the BlueCielo viewer for different file formats, see the Changing viewers.

Note    Viewing and navigating hotspots is supported in Web Access, but creating hotspots is not supported.

To create a hotspot:

  1. While viewing the document within which you want to create a hyperlink, click the Edit Hotspots button . The hotspot toolbar appears.
  2. Click the New button . The cursor changes shape to crosshairs .
  3. Click and drag a rectangle in the document to specify the hotspot outline. A shaded rectangle with square grips appears.
  4. Click the Set Info button . The Hotspot Information dialog box appears.
  5. Click the browse button . The Select Documents dialog box appears.
  6. Select a document to link to the hotspot and click OK. The path and file name of the selected document appears in the Hotspot Information dialog.
  7. Type optional descriptive text in Description.
  8. Click OK to save your changes.
  9. Click the Edit Hotspots button again to hide the hotspot toolbar.

To edit a hotspot:

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