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Several of the applications in the BlueCielo family of products, including BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, BlueCielo TeamWork, BlueCielo ImandrA, BlueCielo ProjectForce, Meridian Asset Management Module, Meridian Explorer, and BlueCielo View, use the BlueCielo viewer for displaying, redlining, and draft printing documents. The BlueCielo viewer appears as a viewer pane and works the same in all of the applications. It is the easiest way to view your documents. You can view documents in the viewer pane without the documentʹs native application installed. The viewer pane displays buttons in a toolbar that you can use to view documents in various ways and inspect them. Depending on the BlueCielo application that you are using and your security permissions, you may also be able to draft print or redline documents. Regardless of what you do in the viewer pane, it will not change the document—all view actions are either temporary or are saved elsewhere.

Note    The BlueCielo viewer also displays the web pages that are specified in Internet shortcut (.url) files using your default web browser.

The BlueCielo viewer works as a viewer manager. It contains its own viewing tools for many file formats. The viewer can also show third-party file viewers in its viewing pane instead to support additional file formats or other features. This gives you much flexibility to choose the file viewers that best meet your needs and to have them all appear in the same place within BlueCielo applications automatically.

The viewing tools that are available for a particular document are dependent on the viewer associated with the documentʹs file format. Each file format can be associated with a different viewer or multiple viewers in priority order. Each viewer provides its own tools for the file formats that it supports. The BlueCielo products that use the BlueCielo viewer also include the AutoVue 2D Professional viewer developed by Oracle, Inc. and other viewer components. A complete list of the supported file formats is provided with BlueCielo ECM Solutions products or can be downloaded from the Oracle website. To use a different viewer for a particular file format, see Changing viewers. See Installing third-party viewers for information on installing the supplied support for other viewers.

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