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The BlueCielo products that use the BlueCielo viewer also include the AutoVue 2D Professional viewer developed by Oracle, Inc. and other viewer components. AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced is available from BlueCielo ECM Solutions as an option. The AutoVue viewer is seamlessly integrated into the BlueCielo viewer and is the default viewer for all file formats unless configured otherwise. When the AutoVue viewer is active, the BlueCielo viewer toolbar buttons run the corresponding AutoVue viewer commands. By default, the BlueCielo viewer includes the AutoVue Desktop version of the viewer. Some BlueCielo products can also be configured to use the AutoVue Client/Server version as described in the productsʹ administratorʹs guide.

All documentation for AutoVue products is available in the Meridian Asset Management Module distribution package and at the Oracle website. This includes the Oracle AutoVue Userʹs Manual in several languages and a Supported File Formats document that lists the supported file formats to which formats may be added or removed in each release of the software.

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