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About hotspots

A hotspot defines a rectangular area in one document that is hyperlinked to another document. When you click inside the hotspot, the viewer shows the hyperlinked document. This can be useful for linking any type of hierarchical document set: overview maps to detailed maps, assembly drawings to subassembly or part drawings, site plans to building plans, schematic diagrams to detail diagrams, and so on. This makes it easy to navigate between documents graphically instead of textually (by name or other properties).

Note    Hotspot information is stored separate from the document to which it refers. If the scale or coordinate space of a document is changed, the hotspot information is not changed accordingly and must be manually updated.

Hotspots can be created manually. A document may contain an unlimited number of hotspots. Text for reference can also be assigned to a hotspot similar to the memo or sticky notes features in other applications. Hotspots may be created for the DWG, DGN, TIFF, and PDF file formats.

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