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You are here: Appendix C: Web link for Maximo 6.1 and 6.2

Appendix C: Web link for Maximo 6.1 and 6.2

The JavaScript control (Control.jsp) provided in the Asset Management Module distribution package creates the following query after the user clicks the Attached Documents tab:

If no additional parameters are specified:


A complete example:

http://MaximoServer/Maximo/Query?Site=BEDFORD&wotrack=BEDFORD-1000 ►

The following table describes each parameter.

Web link parameters
Parameter Description

The equivalent of the Meridian Enterprise URL that is used in the link to Maximo 5 as described in Configuring the Meridian Explorer base URL. It specifies the address of the Web Access server and the configuration to be used. For example:



The name of the Maximo application determined dynamically by the JavaScript control. For example: location, asset, wotrack, and so on.


A concatenation of the primary keys of the table for the specified application. Its value is determined dynamically in the JavaScript control. For example, BEDFORD-BR450, BEDFORD-11400, BEDFORD-1000, and so on.


Additional arguments added to the URL. This string must be configured in the file (amm.additionalkeys properties). For example:


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