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The Asset Management Module link program for SAP Plant Maintenance is named ICSap.exe. It is configured by the file Settings.ini. These files are provided as-is and are not intended as a complete or finished integration solution. Professional services are required to customize the source code of ICSap.exe and the configuration of Settings.ini for each customer’s requirements. For assistance, please contact your BlueCielo Solution Partner or BlueCielo ECM Solutions Professional Services.

ICSap.exe supports three types of objects (arguments in the URL that it generates):

The executable must be called from the SAP Plant Maintenance user interface with three parameters separated by semicolons:

ICSAP.exe <ObjectType>;<FunctionalLocation>;<      EquipmentNumber>

The parameters are described in the following table.

SAP link program parameters
Parameter Description


Specifies the object type that is selected in SAP Plant Maintenance and that is used for finding related documents. There are three possible values: FL (functional location), EQ (equipment), or WO (work order)


Mandatory for all object types and concatenates vault settings with the ID of the functional location using the syntax <VaultSettings><Separator><Location>.

  • <VaultSettings>

Label of the section in the Settings.ini file containing parameters to connect to the Meridian Enterprise vault.

  • <Separator>

Character defined in the Settings.ini file as a separator.

  • <Location>

ID of the SAP Plant Maintenance functional location.


Mandatory for EQ and WO object types and contains the ID of the equipment.

An example of functional location parameters is:

ICSAP.exe FL;Vault1-1000

For information about the Settings.ini file, see Configuring the SAP link program.

When the link program is executed, it opens Internet Explorer with an appropriate URL that shows the linked documents. For more information about the URL, see Configuring the Meridian Explorer URL parameters.

Proceed as described in Installing the SAP link program.

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