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The BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module provides a link between asset information stored in maintenance management system and document information stored in Meridian Explorer repository as illustrated in the following figure.

The Meridian Explorer repository is synchronized from a Meridian Enterprise vault where the documents are managed throughout their life cycle. Users of either system can view and link to information in the other system, but the assets (called objects in Meridian Enterprise) remain under the ownership of the maintenance management system and the documents remain under the ownership of Meridian Enterprise. Maintenance management system users cannot create new documents in a vault without the approval of Meridian Enterprise users (engineering). Meridian Enterprise users cannot create new assets in the maintenance management system without the approval of maintenance management system users. The recommended overall process of linking documents to assets is as follows:

  1. Maintenance management system users create and maintain assets
  2. The Asset Management Module synchronizes the Meridian Enterprise vault with new or updated asset data
  3. Meridian Enterprise users link documents to assets (proxy vault objects)
  4. The Meridian Explorer repository is synchronized from the Meridian Enterprise vault.
  5. Maintenance management system users can then view documents in the repository that are related to the assets that they maintain. The users can optionally initiate electronic change requests for the related documents that are stored in the Meridian Enterprise vault.

The Asset Management Module can integrate with most maintenance management systems, including but not limited to:

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