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You are here: Appendix D: Installing the demonstration vault

Appendix D: Installing the demonstration vault

For demonstration and training purposes, a vault named MAXDEMO is provided with the Asset Management Module. The vault matches the MAXDEMO database that is provided with Maximo. The vault (database and accompanying streams) is compressed in a ZIP file that is located in the <Setup>\Demo Vault folder of the distribution package.

To install the MAXDEMO vault:

  1. Create a new Hypertrieve vault named MaxDemo2.
  2. Stop and clear the EDM Server service.
  3. Delete all of the files in the MaxDemo2 vault folder.
  4. Extract the contents of to the MaxDemo2 vault folder.
  5. Re-enable and restart the EDM Server service.
  6. Import <Setup>\Demo Vault\MaxDemo2.MET into the MaxDemo2 vault.
  7. Publish the MaxDemo2 vault with Meridian Enterprise Web Access.
  8. Change the configuration settings as needed.
  9. Connect the MaxDemo2 vault to the Asset Management Module as described in Connecting the vault to the Web Access extension.

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