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The complete Meridian Explorer URL consists of two portions, a base portion and a parameters portion. The URL parameters portion is configured as described in Configuring the Meridian Explorer URL parameters.

The following procedure configures the URL base portion if you replaced the original Maximo JavaScript files as described in Replacing the JavaScript files.

To configure the Meridian Explorer base URL:

  1. On the Maximo server, open <Maximo>\jsp\common\linkdocs\linkdocsheader.jsp in any text editor.
  2. Locate the following line:
<%String Meridian EnterpriseURL="http://<ServerName>/ExplorerClient/Home.aspx?VIEWID=DOC_<12345>&DOCFILTER=<123doc>&TAGFILTER=<123tag>";%>
  1. Save your changes and close the file.

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