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The link program ICSap.exe uses a configuration file named Settings.ini.

To configure the SAP link program:

  1. If you copied ICSap.exe and Settings.ini to a shared network folder as described in Installing the SAP link program, open Settings.ini from that location in any text editor.


  1. If you will copy ICSap.exe and Settings.ini to the same folder on  every SAP Plant Maintenance user’s computer as described in Installing the SAP link program, copy Settings.ini from <Setup>\MMS to a convenient location and open it in any text editor.
  2. Locate the VaultNameSeperators setting in the [Settings] section.
  3. Modify the setting to include the separators that should be used to interpret the <FunctionalLocation> parameter. Type SPACE to indicate a space character.

For example:

VaultNameSeperators = - , SPACE , _
  1. Locate the section that corresponds to the vault name.
  2. Modify the settings in this section using the descriptions in the following table.
SAP link program settings
Setting Description


The URL to connect to Meridian Explorer.


The name of the Asset Management Module configuration that is linked to Maximo as described in Configuring connectivity to Maximo.


The Meridian Enterprise vault (datastore name) that contains the documents.

Note The value of VaultName will override the datastore name that is configured for Web Access in the settings.asp file.

Note    There may be more than one of this section type in Settings.ini.

Following is an example of a complete vault section:

Config = Default
VaultName = MaxDemo2

  1. Save your changes and close the file.

When the link program starts, the Settings.ini parameters produce URLs as in the following examples, depending on the object type:

Object type URLs
Object Type Command Line URL

Functional location

ICSAP.exe FL;Vault1-1000


ICSAP.exe EQ;Vault1-1000;EQ100

Work order

ICSAP.exe WO;Vault1-1000;EQ100

This completes the integration with SAP Plant Maintenance. Proceed as described in Configuring property linking.

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