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By default, only one attribute tag value is extracted from each block and matched to an object name in the vault. If your blocks contain parts of the object name in multiple attribute tags in the same block, you can combine them into a single object name. The parts can be combined with separator characters, if necessary.

To combine multiple attribute tags:

  1. In the TAGBLOCK section described in Configuring drawing tag extraction for each block that contains multiple object name parts, specify the tag names and separator characters in the TagProperty setting. Each tag name must be included in braces [].

For example, Z[PRODUCT]-[NUM]-[DIAMETER]A would store an object name such as Z827-1880-8A.

Note    Spaces may not be used as separator characters or at the beginning or end of object names.

If the block contains multiple attribute tags that should be extracted to generate separate hotspots linked to separate objects, NEW Configuring multiple objects in one block instead.

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