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This chapter describes how to install the Asset Management Module components and the basic configuration that is needed to test the connectivity between the maintenance management system, Meridian Explorer, and Meridian Enterprise. For information about the detailed configuration that is necessary for each customer’s requirements, see About configuring the Asset Management Module.

Installing the Asset Management Module is very much a manual task that cannot be automated completely by a setup program due to the many ways that maintenance management systems are installed (for example, Maximo might be installed on a UNIX computer).

Installing Meridian Asset Management Module involves tasks for installing and configuring multiple components on several servers and the client computers. The installation tasks are listed in the order in which they should be performed in the following table and are described in the remainder of this guide. Use the hyperlinks in the following checklist to find the installation information for each task. Track your installation progress by printing this checklist and placing a checkmark in the box in the Completed column as you finish each task.

Asset Management Module installation checklist
Completed Task Topic Reference


Read this manual completely to familiarize yourself with the system.

Introducing the BlueCielo Meridian Asset Management Module


Verify that the hardware and software requirements are met completely before beginning installation.

Understanding the system requirements


Back up the maintenance management system configuration and data.  


Register the necessary licenses in the BlueCielo License Server. Understanding the licensing
o Create objects in the Meridian Enterprise vault to store the asset information that will be imported from the maintenance management system and that are required by the Asset Management Module.

Vault objects required by the module

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Configuration Guide.

o Configure the Asset Management Module options. About configuring the Asset Management Module
o Import the assets from the maintenance management system into the vault. About importing and maintaining proxy objects


Install Meridian Explorer and configure filters that link the asset property values to Meridian Explorer properties. Also create views to show the linked documents to the maintenance management system users.

BlueCielo Meridian Explorer Administrator's Guide


Synchronize the Meridian Explorer repository with the Meridian Enterprise vault. BlueCielo Meridian Explorer Administrator's Guide


Configure the link to Meridian Explorer in the maintenance management system.

Integrating with Maximo 6

Integrating with Maximo 5

Integrating with Maximo 4

Integrating with SAP Plant Maintenance


Install the Meridian Enterprise Office Web Client for web browser users. Alternatively, configure Meridian Explorer to show documents using AutoVue Client/Server.

Installing for a web browser user


Install the Meridian Enterprise PowerUser client with the optional Asset Management Module Extensions component for engineering users who will manage the document to object relationships.

Installing for a PowerUser user

Most of these tasks require you to copy files from the Asset Management Module distribution media to various locations, possibly on several computers. In this guide, the following designations are used for these locations:

Folder descriptions




The location of the distribution package, for example, a CD referred to as drive D:.


The default folder where Internet Information Services web pages are stored. By default, this is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot on the computer where Internet Information Services is installed.


The folder where the Maximo application is installed. On a Windows server, the default is C:\Maximo.

Installing and configuring the Asset Management Module to support custom functionality may require Visual Basic, ASP, or JavaScript (for Maximo integration) programming that is not described in this guide. For professional assistance, please contact your BlueCielo Solution Partner or BlueCielo ECM Solutions Professional Services.

The following topics describe each installation task.

Related concepts

Understanding the system requirements

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